Yes, her family disowned her. No, you can't ask why. If it's not obvious, you're too stupid to trust with the story.


This campaign happened so long ago that I don’t have the character sheet anymore. However, I do remember clearly that Dwarf is a level 3 cleric of Pelor, she is absolutely not allowed to have a dwarven name, and her domains are Healing and Strength. Also, I show her as being a 3.0 character ‘cause that’s the system which was out when the campaign was going on. Obviously, you can build her into any system you want.

I almost built Dwarf as Cybele Aroven’s cohort for Living Greyhawk, because a lot of really fun people near me have dwarven characters, but when I heard the campaign was about to end, Cybele made it very clear to me that she would much rather travel around with her younger brother nearby.


Dwarf was born Tudra Opal Beryl Coppereye, daughter to Micah Malachite Bloodstone Coppereye and Opal Beryl Moonstone Coppereye, and grew up in the mountainous region of Bas-Litha.

Her first 30 years of life were much like they are for any young dwarf, and she was raised to revere Moradin as her family had always done. Then an adventuring party sought shelter during winter storms. Among them was Brother Lyle, a cleric of Pelor. He sought to help his friends earn their keep by putting his benevolent magic to use among the Coppereyes. Since his religious calling often sent him out in search of adventure, he had been granted magics that exceeded anything Tudra had ever seen Moradin’s clergy use at home, and she in her youthful folly concluded that Pelor was a superior god. When the snowstorms relented and Brother Lyle’s party was making ready to head home, Tudra came to Brother Lyle in secret and begged relentlessly for him to induct her into Pelor’s service. Brother Lyle tried to warn her of the almost certain familial rift and other hardships this would cause, but Tudra could not be swayed, and he took it as a sign that the dwarven girl was in fact destined to be his spiritual sister. He did, however, insist that Tudra accompany them immediately on their homeward journey, which she did with alacrity.

Brother Lyle was the last of the party to depart, and in the course of dutifully thanking Micah for his clan’s hospitality, he willingly revealed what had passed between him and Tudra. Micah was a paragon of dwarven restraint as he bid Brother Lyle farewell, but by the time the party returned home, a letter had already arrived for the local High Priest of Pelor informing him that Tudra had been cast out of the Coppereye clan for heresy, and that she was no longer allowed to use the name given to her at birth. When the time came for her dedication ritual, High Priest Kentaro asked what her new name was to be. She simply answered “Dwarf”.

The next twelve years of Dwarf’s life were spent in simple monastic service, and she found her new spirituality and spiritual comrades to be deeply fulfilling. Still, it was never possible for her to forget the circumstances which brought her to Pelor’s service, nor the consequences of it. Moreover, it was over the course of these twelve years that she learned precisely why Brother Lyle had magically outstripped Moradin’s clergy in Bas-Litha, and she spent many nights stoically heartbroken with the thought that she might have achieved that sort of rapport with a god and not needed to alienate her entire clan in the process. So when High Priest Kentaro mentioned wanting to send someone along with a band of young explorers out to inspect ancient ruins, Dwarf leaped at the chance. While she is certain that she will never actually redeem herself in her family’s eyes as long as she worships a human god, she hopes that success at great works will help convince them – and herself – that her rightful place is as a priestess of Pelor.


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