One Gnifty Illusionist


Assume Gnorman to be approximately 22nd level (using AD&D 2E rules) with access to ALL Illusionist spells through 9th level (11th if using Nethiril or similar settings – Illusionist only) And a smattering of 1st through 4th level Alteration, Divination and Enchantment spells.

Gnorman’s clothes are a silvered cotton, and act as a Robe of Protection +2 , he also has Shadow Stepper boots, which allow him to walk on any surface that is solid or seems solid.

Gnorman’s most valued possession is a crinkled old wormwood wand. (GM Note: It’s a self recharging Wand of Wonder, which casts Illusions 50% of the time, and Evocations 20% of the time, and the other 6 schools about 5% of the time. GM makes up the random roll list and can rotate spells in and out at whim)

Adjust for game system as appropriate.


Gnorman Gneville Gnader was a Gnome’s gnome. A Practitioner of the mystic arts of illusion for decades, Gnorman had attained the 15th rank of the Illusionists school and founded a small burrow town that other persons inclined may pool their Gnowledge and further the Art. Being the autocrat of his small hamlet soon wore on his gnerves, and he left the menial tasks of administration to his Chamberlain and went adventuring again. Taking with him his most flashy garb and his most treasured possession, he adventured for many years, creating minor legends wherever he went, such as the time he single handedly cowed a dragon away from a village tavern, took on an entire army without lifting a hand, and causing a Chimera to sneeze itself to death.

Gnorman was last seen battling a pair of Storm Giants gnear a temple who had apparently insulted his stature. The witnesses claimed he leveled his wand, and an enormous inferno engulfed all three participants. Bits of Storm Giant were found in a 4 mile radius for the gnext several weeks, but gnobody gnoes whether Gnorman suffered the same fate.


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