This flamboyant gnome is the proprietor of the local adventurer's guild.


Panzanzabon Panzanzabon really is a gnome’s gnome. With a propensity for illusions and music, Pan has a way with people. He dresses in bright colors, purples, greens and gold, and always has a lute slung over his shoulder, and a song on his tongue.


Panzanzabon wasn’t always the dashing rogue that he is today. Believe it or not, Pan got his start as your typical gnomish inventor, creating interesting and dangerous contraptions that didn’t always quite work. One evening, while Pan was on the road to Mt. Nograd to deliver his newest invention, something happened. Something unexpected, yet wondrous. He heard Ariandra sing.

Staying at the Inn of the Setting Sun, Pan, along with his apprentice Gillywinks, were enjoying an ale in the tavern, when a hush came over the room. Looking around, he realized that everyone was watching the stage expectantly. Pan had never understood the human fascination with music, such a frivolous pursuit. And then SHE walked out on stage. Not normally attracted to human women, with their giant-like proportions, Pan could tell Ariandra was beautiful.

She began to sing a slow, haunting aria. No one spoke. It seemed no one even breathed, the room in perfect silence but for her beautiful voice. Ariandra’s voice seemed to twist and bend the very air of the room, bringing visions of Larethian’s tragic tale of love and loss to the mind’s of those listening. Tears came unbidden to Panzanzabon’s eyes, and he unabashedly let them fall to the floor, oblivious to their small splashes.

And then it was over. The room seemed to wake up from a dream as she began to sing a few more upbeat and tawdry tales befitting a taproom. When she was done, she left as suddenly as she had come, and try as he might, Pan couldn’t find her. But something had changed in Panzanzabon. He understood now. He could barely sleep, but for images of Ariandra’s story dancing around in his head.

When he and Gillywinks arrived at Mt. Nograd, he quickly dumped off his latest invention and went to the Gnomenclature (as the ruling council was known) with his new project. He would learn to play music, study it’s patterns, it’s effects on people, and unlock it’s hidden power. At first the council scoffed at the idea, but the passion with which Panzanzabon presented his case, they began to begrudgingly come around. As he left, he didn’t exactly have their blessing, but he was allowed to pursue his course.

Since that time Pan, with his trusted Gillywinks at his side, has traveled the length and breadth of the world, sometimes as a beggar, sometimes an adventurer, and always a musician. Always trying to find that woman… what was her name? Arielle? Aria…? Ariandra, yes, that was it. It’s been nearly 100 years, and he has never found her again, but in his travels he has picked up all the stories of the earth.

Having seen all there is to see, and learned all the songs there are to learn, Panzanzabon has finally settled down, opening a school unlike any other. Ostensibly a music school, young adventurers from far and wide come here to hear the tales of Panzanzabon the Great, and to learn about music, words, swordplay, and anything else they could hope to learn. And Pan hopes to learn what became of the beautiful Ariandra, and to learn her aria, the only song he doesn’t know.


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