The Braintrust

Engineered from the captured minds of hundreds of intellectual giants, the Braintrust is a knowledge bank; a repository for the greatest secrets of the Alterist's Rite


the Braintrust is a room-sized collection of glass cylinders interconnected by a series of gnarled nerve-braids to an enormous, central cylinder. Within each of the smaller cylinders, of which there are currently thousands, are the captured and preserved brains and spinal columns of some of the most brilliant people captured by the Alterist’s Rite for this explicit purpose.

in the central, massive cylinder resides the primary repository of the Rite’s research data, a golem-like amalgamation-brain formed from mystically cloned minds of the first hundred Alterists. This brain, as all others, is suspended in an arcane fluid, a potion that enables thought transfers from members of the Alterist’s Rite to the Braintrust, and vice-versa. This is accomplished by the Alterist swallowing a phial of the same fluid, which sends the Alterist’s mind into a dream-like state where he or she may interact with the Braintrust, transfer his or her research findings into the repository, or draw from the data already amassed within the network of captured minds.


Duskreign’s Note: I would develop stats for the Braintrust, but as I believe we are keeping the Fantastinomicon relatively system non-specific, I decided against it. If you would be interested in being provided with stats for the Braintrust, please let me know.

The Braintrust

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