Liber Putredo

The tome of decay


An old large book 14″ × 11″ × 5″
Weight: 18lbs

The book is bound in oily leather and the pages are made of animal skin (Perhaps human)
The book gives off a mild stench of decay.

After touching the book with bare skin, the skin that contacted the book becomes died with a blackness. Prolonged exposure will turn the nails black as well the lips. It is said that the King of Hyrkania read the book and studied it for many months. He turned black as a Drow and was killed by His people for sorcery.

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This vile creation has been outlawed in nine countries and all copies known to exist are thought to have been destroyed. All except for three actually were. The Duke of Pennington owned a copy but with his death the copy has been lost. The King of a hundred knights was reputed to carry a copy with him onto the battlefield. The Library of Tashora has a copy under lock and key. Only the richest clients of the library are allowed to see it and then only when accompanied by no less than a dozen armed guards.

The book supposedly contains a study of the decomposition of bodies. It contains every conceivable variation death and decay. If one can understand the shaky handwriting and the archaic use of language one may also discover the code hidden in the passages. Deciphering code reveals dozens of necromantic spells and rites.

It is said that the Cult of the Bloated Lady considers this book to be the most sacred that has ever been written. Fortunately for the world, the Cult has only a fragmented copy of the book. If they ever acquired a complete copy, who knows what damage they would inflict upon the continent.

The final chapter of the book details the ancient City of Pillars and gives exacting details on how to find the city as well as a drawings of the most importan buildings. Amongst these is the Library of Jaza Din and the Well of Lost Souls. Most importantly is a detailed description of the Gate of the Gods.

Liber Putredo

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