Pipe of Visions

A necromantic device that grants visions of the past.

weapon (melee)

The pipe appears as a simple hand-ax or tomahawk. Upon closer examination it is revealed to be a smoking pipe as well as a weapon. A faint aura of Necromancy can be detected with proper spells.

Created By


The Pipe was created by the Wyn Wizards about seventy years ago. It was meant to be used as an interogation device and to that effect it is quite useful. The wielder can strike a blow to the chest of someone who is defensless. The wielder pulls the ax head free and stuff the pipe with some kind of smoking weed. He lights up and inhales the smoke. He will then fall into a trancelike state for 30 minutes.

While in the trance he will experience everything that his victim experienced in the 24 hours prior to being struck by the ax head. In addition, if the victim survives the blow, he loses the memory of the 24 hours prior to being struck.

Pipe of Visions

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