Sack of Sending

What appears to be a simple, nondescript cloth sack hides a wondrous secret within. Anything placed within is instantly teleported into another sack, its twin!


Sacks of Sending are sewn in pairs. Whenever an item is placed within one of the sacks, after a magical incantation is uttered by the bearer of the bag, the item disappears from within the sack and appears instantaneously within the other sack, wherever it may be. These sacks tend to be quite small, with a capacity of about 1 cubic foot or so. In order to send an item, the sack must be able to close completely around the item with no part of the item sticking out through the top of the sack.

If the incantation is not uttered, any items placed in the sack fill it and remain as if it is a normal bag. However, if any item is left in the sack, nothing can be sent into it from its twin.


A plain cloth sack that looks utterly innocuous to the eye. When opened, a Sack of Sending seems to emit a kind of fog or steam. When an item is placed within, the sack bulges as any normal bag would. However, as the item is sent to the sack’s twin, the Sack of Sending seems to deflate as if the air was being let out of a balloon.

Sack of Sending

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