Sir Robin's Music Box


The box is shaped like a heart and made of ebony with gold trim. Inside the box is a silk lined ring holder that holds an exquisite black diamond ring. The wearer of the ring is the owner of the box and gains all the magical benefits the box can offer. It is said that he who wears the ring shall die the most heroic death and songs of his deeds will be sung for centuries beyond his death. Thus far that has been proven true and no man other than Sir Robin possessed the box for more than a year before his heroic battle.

When the owner of the box is killed the ring teleports back to the confines of the box and the box becomes invisible until a worthy owner presents himself. (The worth of a man is determined by his ability to discover the box)

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Never was their a man who needed a psychophant as badly as the bumbling and incompetant Sir Robin. One by one his minstrals died a horrible death until Sir Robin was left to face his own fate. Lucky for him he found the music box at the bottom of a chasm that was said to be bottomless.

The box when opened sings a delightful tune that grants the owner of the box great confidence. So much so that he can fight with the strength of five men while the tune sings his praises. His skill with sword and shield becomes unbeatable. All who see him, think that he is blessed by the gods or perhaps a god himself.

Those enemies that here the tune of the box become slower and weaker. Their courage faulters and they begin to sweet profusely. When wounded their wounds bleed like fast moving streams and the pain they suffer is greater than that of a woman in the throws of childbirth.

Once opened the box sings for seven minutes and then must rest for seven minutes before it will sing again.

Sir Robin's Music Box

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