Wand of spell theft


It likes look a stick. A dried un-imaginative stick about 10" long that is very stiff.

Created By


This wand was created by the famous Wizard/Thief of Jer. He is said to have carried it with him everywhere and used it to great effect. The wand when pointed at a wizard, sorcerer, or any specc caster that uses those types of spells, will shoot a beam of sickly green light. The Wizard then will experience great pain as his most powerful memorized or known spell is stripped from him and given to the wand holder. The Wand holder can release the spell as if he were the original caster at any time in the next 18 hours. If not used in that time the spell is lost.

Wizards struck by the wand report that they were unable to memorize another spell of the drained spell’s power for more than a day after being hit by the green light. They also report that the headache lingers for the better part of a week after being hit.

The Wand can also be used against objects like a staff or another wand and will have the same effect. The only example of this to have failed has been when used against a wand of wonder. The wand of wonder exploded and released every possible effect that it is know to create at one time randomly in every direction. It is said the the Wizard/Thief of Jer was killed in this incident though his body was never found. All that remained was his wand.

Wand of spell theft

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