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theorists began to utter their contrivances about evolution, and the churches of the world shuddered. Should it be proven that all creatures are truly in a state of constant evolution, then the dogmatic creation stories entire faiths were based upon would be called into question. Religious leaders of the world pondered with troubled furrows in their ancient brows, trying to parse their holy tenets with the recently uncovered proof of evolution. A convocation of the leaders of the world’s religions met in secret, and in their discussions of the role of progress on the business of peddling faith, several brilliant theological minds came to a consensus.

their solution was brilliant. If everyone is evolving, the faithful would question why. The religious leaders would give them an answer; the perfect answer to a difficult question in this ever-changing world…

a wizard did it.


of course, it was more complicated than that. Through the chaotic forces of magic, the races of the world have undergone several changes that can explain-away evolution. Essentially, magic has been altering the works of the Gods. Some of the world’s religious groups latched onto the idea that this made magic and its practitioners enemies of the Gods, as they dared to tamper with their divine works, an ultimate act of hubris. These religions became anti-magic, began hunting and burning mystics, wizards, and witches, and sowed fear and hostility into their religious followers.

other religious groups embraced the idea that magic was a part of the divine framework set forth by the gods, and they encouraged its study and inclusion into their sermons. The Divine Mystics are such a religious group, focused on harnessing the cosmic forces of the arcane for the purpose of forwarding the goals of their church. Most religious groups, however, treated this knowledge as an inert fact, using it to cast doubt on the doubters, to safeguard the feasibility of their origin stories and their dogmatic practices. This protected their flocks from being drawn away by the concept of evolution.

however, there were some religious leaders from various faiths who saw opportunity within this newfound dogmatic embrace of arcana. Collecting in secret, these religious leaders colluded to create a new faith. In this faith, the concept of evolution was not only an acceptable, explainable phenomenon, but an active part of the theology. If magic exists because of the Gods’ will, and magic can enact permanent evolution within the peoples of the world, then, as the mortal voice of the Gods’ will, wasn’t it the right, nay, the responsibility of the church to oversee the magical evolution of mortalkind?

thus Alterism was born. Followers of Alterism are called “Alterists” within the sect and by allies without, but others who see their beliefs as a threat or as sacrilege often call them “Meddlists,” a reference to the fact that they advocate the use of magic to meddle in affairs mortalkind was not meant to comprehend.

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