The Sepulcher

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deep beneath the heart of an undisclosed major city lies a subterranean complex of unique and wondrous design. Known by its inhabitants as The Sepulcher, this vast arrangement of cavernous chambers serves as a distinctive amalgamation of religious temple and alchemical laboratory

only members of the enigmatic Alterist’s Rite have access to the Sepulcher, as it can only be reached via a network of arcane portals found in secret locations hidden throughout the known world. From within the Sepulcher, experiments great and horrific are performed, often involving the conscious suffering of innocent, seemingly random “test subjects”, all in the name of unlocking the mystical key to controlling evolution through arcana.


Map of the Sepulcher

on the outskirts of the Sepulcher are three identical hexagonal chambers 500 ft. across. These are the portal chambers. The floor pitches down in the center in a slight saucer-shape, with a series of glowing blue circular runes etched into various areas of the floor. Each rune represents a different portal somewhere on the surface that connects to the Sepulcher. The runes also act as a security device. The Alterist who uses a surface portal to gain access to the Sepulcher must carry a pendant with the matching rune, mystically attuned to both sides of the portal, in order to successfully pass through. If, for whatever reason, someone found a way to subvert this system and enter the Sepulcher without possession of the matching pendant, the floor rune would slide out from beneath the feet of the hapless intruder, depositing him or her into the exposed molten mantle thousands of feet below.

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The Sepulcher

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