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Here is where you will find inspiration for encounters, and perhaps even miniature story arcs. Have a crazy wizard that is wreaking havoc on the city? Perhaps a damsel that is not so distressed? Perhaps she’s the one keeping the dragon hostage? Perhaps the Oh No! Noh Theater troupe has come to town, and you’d like to join them? You have come to the right place, welcome to the adventurer’s guild.



An adventuring party happens upon a seemingly peaceful village, but in the shadow of Malia’s Tower, not all is as it seems…

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A party of heroes prepares a daring roadside ambush to rescue Ragnas Halbrooke from an insidious band of bounty hunters…

Dream sequence
T his is a rather specific dream sequence, but it is rife with prophetic elements. With a little tweaking of names and descriptors, if can work with a variety of settings. This could be a great idea for a starting hook.

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T he desire of bringing the bones of a saint to the local temple has a far greater cost than could ever be imagined…

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After a bar fight, the milita is called out to deal with the resulting 8 dead and 12 riled sailors. Unfortunately, there are 9 bodies.

c.pnghildren are missing. Amidst the hue and cry, can the locals find them before it’s too late?

Arsonists attack Selvos, costing the town greatly.


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